The Spiritual Gifts of Enneagram 7’s

In the endless pursuit of relevancy, I’ve succumbed to the enneagram hype along with bulletproof coffee and wearing jean jackets with athletic leggings (a pairing I used to internally mock.) To be transparent, I haven’t read “The Road Back to You” or any of its related materials. But I know that I’m a 7w6. In the last few months whenever I’ve made a new friend, I have asked what their number is at a probably inappropriately early time and have proceeded to read up obsessively on how their number interacts with mine. Some people think it’s crap and some think it’s a god-send; others attest that it’s over-hyped while some say it needs to be talked about more. I think all of that is somewhat true, and I’ve learned that my favorite thing about the enneagram is that it tells me what I can love about myself while re-directing me towards growth. Personally, it’s helped me know more about God’s specific design of me and for me. Trying to avoid any regurgitation of online enneagram information, here is some encouragement from one 7 to another 7 as I will you to flourish in the new year and be grounded within yourself.

Your adaptable nature makes others feel at ease, a powerful force in showing love.

Your thirst for adventure and doing ensures you’re almost never idle.

Your natural optimism is a blessing to friends and family who are feeling low and don’t know how to look at the sunny side.

You find it easier to have faith in God and His goodness than many others.

You’re great at thinking of and organizing fun activities or past times, which takes the pressure off the other numbers who are stressed out by this expectation.

You are willing to try new things and look at situations from other people’s perspectives.

Your ability to see things differently makes you compassionate, and you’re a safe haven for many.

Your joy is real; it will mature and deepen as you grow.

Your agile mind and farsighted vision makes you intuitive; you can predict how situations will develop which plays a role in discernment.

Your desire for occupation makes you willing to come to the aid or comfort of others on short notice.

You are a colorful, vibrant, multi-talented, high-functioning butterfly of God.

Obviously, there are plentiful weaknesses of 7’s, one of them being that we’d rather not even think about them, (and that goes for me too!) Maybe in a future post I’ll tackle how we can spiritually address our weaknesses. But I think it’s equally if not more important to be aware of why you’re wonderful, and wonderful in a way that others aren’t. I hope this encourages you to take stock in all your occasionally scattered-brained yet generally beautiful 7ness. Share with a fellow 7 to wish them a happy new year!

What do love about being 7 that I left out? Comment and let me know!

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  1. Melissa McKinnies
    January 8, 2019 / 3:09 am

    This is awesome! From one 7w6, who can easily drift into a 7w8, this was beautiful to read! Loved it!

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