Meet the Author

About MeSomething most people don’t know about me is that I would throw my cellphone into the ocean if I could, live on a farm and socialize with my friends via land-line phone calls and board game nights at home almost exclusively. Despite being impulsive and adventurous, I feel most content amid simplicity, which is why you can catch me quietly reading or knitting in my free time.

Full disclosure: this blog was once fully-centered on producing spiritual content. While I am still a woman of faith and do enjoy writing about Bible-based things at times, I’m also a 22-year woman with a lot going on in life, and I want to be able to write about that, too.

This blog is my place to write about the things I wish people were talking about, share the advice I wish I had known sooner and produce creatively written pieces that stimulate inspiration.

To see more glimpses of what I do on the daily like hanging with my husband and sharing my favorite Spongebob quotes, you can catch it all on my Instagram.