Meet the Author

About MeWhen not blogging, you can find me reading anything and everything from Pride and Prejudice for the 29th time to religious non-fiction to screenplays and beyond. But you’ll rarely catch me reading poetry; (what can I say? I don’t like stuff I can’t wrap my head around.) Oh yeah, I’m a 7 (strong 6 wing) on the enneagram if that last statement didn’t give it away.

Something most people don’t know about me is that I’d rather live in the country, I really love my alone time, and I somehow manage to love both cats AND dogs. Most of all, I love writing; it’s how I can best formulate my thoughts, and I revel the conversations that a controversial piece can create.

Jesus is my Savior and has been for most of my 22 years. As someone who works closely in the creative content and social media world, I’m aware of how difficult and confusing it can be to navigate opinions on the Bible’s authority when there are so many thoughts circulating every day. I am not a scholar by any means, but I know that I want to live my life according to God’s Word while not being afraid to talk about our real-life experiences with the tender topics. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and the stories of other godly women I look up to concerning what it means to be a Christian woman in this day and age.

A wise Believer I know once told me, “Truth is not defined; it’s discovered.” I’m committed to discovering truth with you, and I invite you to join me on the journey.  

To see more glimpses of what I do on the daily such as planning my October wedding and sharing my favorite Spongebob quotes, you can catch it all on my Instagram.